Youth Digest: What people treat you is because of you

Things are mixed with thoughts, and the situation is miserable.

Quality is extremely important, especially when focusing on material and economics, it is necessary to strengthen spiritual, moral, and ideological education. The situation where morality is becoming more and more white and corruption is becoming more and more black is not what is achieved, nor is it what people want.

Only by having a good attitude can we deal with imperfect things well. Only by holding a complete perspective can we treat imperfect situations well. Perfection is always gradually achieved in imperfection.

Too much care about how others treat you, it is better to examine how you treat others.

What is volatile is strength and energy, what is deposited is heart and understanding, what is advancing is walking and walking, and what is stopping is observation and thinking. Success is not only in volatilization and advancement.

Those who reject people's normal, reasonable, and reasonable needs out of the right way are as abominable and hateful as those who put people in crooked ways.

As long as you do well and wonderfully, even if others ignore or applaud you, you will not be listless. It's not a bad thing to want someone's attention, but it's not necessarily a good thing to care too much about it.

Don't always think what you are, but what others should treat you. Remember, remember what you are and how you are, so that people will treat you this way or that way.

Youth Digest: What people treat you is because of you

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