Youth Digest: Waiting to Rise

What if he fails? what to do? "

"The question is, how do you define failure? Not winning a Nobel Prize does not mean failure. Because he has made great contributions to the school's knowledge system. "

In front of CCTV reporter Chai Jing's camera, Cambridge University President Le Sizhe said so. The source of the problem is that the reporter talked about a recent Nobel laureate at Cambridge University - known as "the first test-tube baby" "Father" Professor Robert Edwards, who failed to produce any results for 14 years before he succeeded.

Mr. Le Sizhe's answer, the voice is calm, but it has great power.

If it were you, how would you face the college entrance examination? How would you go through the last journey of high school on the rubble of failure?

For Beckham, failure is "everything is impermanent". He has won many honors for Manchester United, but in 2003, Manchester United decided to sell him, and he had to turn around and leave. At that time, Beckham claimed to be more depressed than being sent off with a red card in the 1998 World Cup. Because before that , he always thought he would play for Manchester United for life until one day he couldn't play anymore.

For Michael Ives, a farmer who only wore shorts, the failure was his first concert. , only 1,500 spectators and 60 cows who ran away when they heard the sound came to watch the concert. However, he was not discouraged. In the second year, he continued to "break the can and smash". After decades of doing it, he was eventually dubbed the "Father of the Grass Music Festival".

This is failure, it really doesn't look like a big deal, it's more like we have to go through it every day Some things: get up, eat breakfast, read early, open the test paper and start to do the questions...failure is hidden in these trivial studies and life, and it encounters us unexpectedly. It is not terrible, but it will always appear It's frustrating. Because it means we have to do it all over again. It's the hassle and anxiety of doing it all over again that I'm sure you and I hate the most.

But, Baker Ham and Michael Ives are not afraid of trouble. Beckham signed up to join the British football team for the London Olympics, but he was ultimately unsuccessful. He drove a speedboat in the opening ceremony of the London Olympics and brought the flame to the opening ceremony; Michael Ewes Weiss's "Broken Cans" finally made his venue an outdoor music festival that Bob Dylan and other world-renowned singers are happy to patronize.

That's the meaning of failure, it's not the end Whether you can succeed depends on how you learn to be "patient" in the end, how to forget those so-called failures and successes, find yourself, find what you like, and persevere.

Famous screenwriter Liao Yimei once said : "At the end of every cul-de-sac, there is another dimension of sky, whereIt's a miracle that forces you to fly when there's nowhere to go. "So, when one day the scores on your test paper are not very good, when one day you feel that you are about to fall to the bottom, maybe, that moment is the time when you soar into the sky.

This is also the college entrance examination The time when the threshold wants to test you the most.

So, from now on, while running fast, please be patient, wait for the wind to come, and wait for the moment of take-off to come.

Youth Digest: Waiting to Rise

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