Story meeting: [Small novel] My wife can't recite it casually

My wife is in her thirties. She has good skin, knows how to take care of it, and is good at makeup. She looks only in her twenties.

I went shopping with my wife that day, and she bought a lot of cosmetics. It was very late when I walked out of the shopping mall, and there was a very eye-catching couple on the road. The man happily carried his girlfriend on his back, and the girl smiled sweetly, looking happy. The wife said emotionally: "I think you carried me like this when we were in love, but now?"

"We have been married for almost ten years, how can an old couple have the nerve to act like a young man?" Same?" I said.

"Can't old couples be romantic? Come on, carry me behind your back!" said the wife with a blushing face.

Frankly speaking, I was really embarrassed, my wife scolded: "Why, think I'm old?"

We were walking along the commercial street, and after a while a private car parked next to us. Our new colleague Da Liu poked his head out of the car and asked, "Old He, why are you still so late?" Are you outside?"

"Hey! My wife hurt her foot just now when she walked carelessly." I quickly covered it up.

"This is my sister-in-law!" Da Liu looked at his wife and said, "Then you continue to memorize, I won't disturb you."

After saying this, Da Liu said Drove away in a car.

I quickly put my wife down and complained to her: "Look, Liu has a long mouth. Tomorrow everyone in the company will know that I carried my wife on the road. They will definitely make fun of our husband and wife. The two of them are old cucumbers with green paint—pretending to be young.”

My wife muttered: “Damn it, why did he bump into it.”

When I entered the office the next morning, Sure enough, I heard a few colleagues discussing this matter, and they whispered to me, which made me feel a little uncomfortable. I blushed and explained: "Actually, the occasional romance between old couples can keep love fresh. Pretending to be tender is good for physical and mental health. Don't make a fuss."

After hearing this, Da Liu was anxious Yes, he patted me on the shoulder and said solemnly: "Old He, Lao He, if you dare to do it, you dare to be it. It's no big deal to find a mistress, so don't fool us here. Is there any man on the road these days?" Carrying your wife on your back?"

I was speechless for a moment.

Story meeting: [Small novel] My wife can't recite it casually

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