Story meeting: [Oriental Night Tales] Magic Cheongsam

A frog can become a prince, a swan can become a princess, and a sleeping beauty can wake up with a kiss from a prince...

As long as there is love, everything changes It's possible...

Photographer Lin Xiang has set up his own personal photography website. In order to increase the click-through rate of the website, he often takes pictures of beautiful women and puts them on the Internet. One day, Lin wanted to hang out in the community. Suddenly, his eyes lit up, and a beautiful girl wearing a purple cheongsam walked up not far away. There are not many girls wearing cheongsam these days, and she has a first-class figure, which is perfect for this cheongsam. To the extreme, I saw the girl with her long hair tied high on top of her head, revealing her fair neck, walking leisurely on the street.

Lin wanted to follow up, but the girl obviously didn't notice him, Lin wanted to pretend to be on the phone, and started to "click" the girl with a miniature camera.

When he got home, Lin Xiang couldn't wait to post the organized photos on his website. He named the girl "Little Fairy in Cheongsam", and accompanied these photos with captions, titled : Tracking the "cheongsam fairy". After finishing all this, Lin Xiang felt a little excited. This is the most beautiful girl who has been photographed for so long. I believe she will definitely increase the click-through rate of the website!

After that, Lin Xiang waited for the "cheongsam little fairy" in the community every day, and she did not appear in front of Lin Xiang again until the third night. This time, she wore a black cheongsam with a A silver-white crane-shaped brooch looks glamorous and moving.

Lin Xiang's heart jumped like a deer, and the "cheongsam fairy" entered a nearby coffee shop and sat at a table facing the window. For some reason, Lin Xiang always felt that she was smiling at him. "Little Fairy in Cheongsam" drank coffee for a while and then left. Lin Xiang reluctantly quit her job. These days, the "cheongsam little fairy" has become a celebrity on Lin Xiang's website, and the number of page views on the website has increased dramatically.

The next day, Lin wanted to follow the "cheongsam little fairy" again, but a strange thing happened: he found an "cheongsam old woman" sitting on the small stone bridge in the community to rest. She is dressed in a white cheongsam with a silver-white crane-shaped brooch pinned to her chest. She wears the same hair style as the "cheongsam fairy". Except for the age difference, her face shape and figure are very similar to the "cheongsam fairy"! sky! Lin Xiang was extremely surprised. This old lady looked at least over seventy years old. Could it be that the "cheongsam fairy" became old overnight?

Just when Lin wanted to meditate, someone patted him on the shoulder from behind, and he looked back, isn't this "Little Fairy in Cheongsam"? She looks young again! The same cheongsam, the same brooch, the same hairstyle, the only difference is age. Lin Xiang looked at the small stone bridge, there was no one there, Lin Xiang was completely dizzy, he stared at the "cheongsam little fairy" tongue-tied, and couldn't say a word, did she wear a magic cheongsam?

Lin Xiang couldn't help being a little flustered, "Little Fairy in Cheongsam" looked at him, and said, "I have something to ask you for help, are you willing to help me?" Lin Xiang nodded quickly. "Little Fairy in Cheongsam" introduced herself: "My name is Yuan Qiqi, and the old man over there just now is my grandmother. He passed away ten years ago..."

After listening to what Yuan Qiqi said, Lin Xiang suddenly realized, and asked, "What can I do for you?" Yuan Qiqi lowered his head and whispered: " My grandma is not in good health recently, and I'm worried that she won't be able to survive this summer... In fact, I already knew that you were secretly filming me, and I just wanted to lure you here, because you look a lot like my grandpa."< br>
One hour later, Lin wanted to put on a white suit according to Yuan Qiqi's instructions, and came to Xiaoshiqiao. Yuan Qiqi slipped away at some point, and the old woman returned to Xiaoshi at some point on the bridge. Lin wanted to bite the bullet and stepped forward, following Yuan Qiqi's instructions and shouted loudly: "Heyun, I'm back!" The old woman raised her head, and a shy expression suddenly appeared on her face: "I'm back? You're back! "As she spoke, she looked Lin Xiang up and down, her eyes filled with tears, and she closed her eyes tenderly, looking forward to the other party's kiss.

Lin wanted to be in a dilemma. Although he promised Yuan Qiqi to play her grandfather, how could a young man like him kiss an old lady? But just now Yuan Qiqi asked him to meet any request of the old man, even if it wasn't for Yuan Qiqi, he just showed the old man's eagerly looking forward to it, he couldn't bear to let her down, thinking of this, he went all out, bowed his head on the old man's cheek kissed.

After a kiss, a strange thing happened: the old woman turned into Yuan Qiqi! Seeing Lin Xiang's surprised look, Yuan Qiqi said with tears in his eyes: "I'm not some Yuan Qiqi, I'm Yuan Heyun." Lin Xiang was dumbfounded: "What's going on?"

He Yun told Lin Xiang the story of a fat girl and a magic cheongsam—

He Yun used to be a fat girl, only 1.65 meters tall, but weighed 86 kilograms. She is beautiful, but her body is fat like a balloon. She has tried many ways to lose weight, but they all failed. When she was very depressed, she saw this message on the Internet: "Magic cheongsam for sale, congratulate you Slimming dream!"

He Yun was immediately attracted, ordered a cheongsam, and soon, she received a beautiful cheongsam, which is really a magic cheongsam, after wearing it, He Yun's figure immediately changed It is exquisite and exquisite. She tried it on for seven days, and everywhere she went, she had amazing eyes. The strange thing is that the cheongsam can change colors according to her mood.

But at the end of the month, He Yun found that she had turned into an old mother-in-law! She frantically scolded the seller on the Internet, and the seller calmly replied that this is a side effect of magic, and it is not difficult to get rid of it, as long as a young man can kiss her sincerely when she is an old woman, she will be fine. It can remove the negative magic of the cheongsam, so He Yun looked aroundPeople who are willing to kiss her sincerely have made up and acted "The Story of Yuan Qiqi and Grandma" several times, but no one is willing to kiss her as an "old woman". Until they meet Lin Xiang, their wish is fulfilled.

Lin Xiang heard what He Yun said, and asked strangely: "Since you find this cheongsam so scary, why don't you try to take it off?"

He Yun immediately called: " No! I want to be beautiful, not fat!"

Lin wanted to look at her tenderly: "If you had to choose between the person who truly loves you and this magic cheongsam, which one would you choose?"

He Yun saw the affection in Lin Xiang's eyes. She lowered her head, raised her head after a long time, and said bravely: "I choose my lover! Come with me!" After finishing speaking, she Pulling Lin wanted to go home.

After arriving home, He Yun asked Lin Xiang to wait for her outside. A few minutes later, she shyly opened the door to let Lin Xiang in. Then he said happily: "Isn't this pretty? It's not fat!" He Yun ran to the mirror to look left and right, and said pleasantly: "I'm really not fat anymore! is this going on?" What's the matter?" After she finished speaking, she suddenly remembered the magic cheongsam, she searched everywhere, but couldn't find it, all she found was a small note on the table: "Magic cheongsam, help you slim; find a lover, grow old together .” (The story will be read online)

Story meeting: [Oriental Night Tales] Magic Cheongsam

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