Story meeting: [humorous story] testimony

After Zhang Quan finished playing mahjong, his wife called and asked him to buy some cooked food to go home. In front of a cooked food stall, Zhang Quan picked out some cooked food and took money out of his pocket. He only had 90 yuan in his pocket.

When Zhang Quan handed two 20-yuan and one 50-yuan bills to the fat woman, the stall owner suddenly shouted: "Come back! They are all counterfeit!"

Zhang Quan took the money and took a closer look. It was really all counterfeit banknotes, probably from Ma You. Zhang Quan said embarrassingly: "I really didn't know it was fake money, and this money was given to me just now..."

At this time, many people gathered around, and Zhang Quan couldn't argue. Suddenly, a middle-aged man shouted: "I know this person. It was more than a month ago. I took a taxi and the driver was this master. Before getting out of the car, I mistakenly gave him fifty yuan instead of ten yuan." , I got out of the car and went to the hospital, he caught up with me and returned the money to me. Think about it, everyone, he is so good, how can he buy goods with counterfeit money?"

Zhang Quan was ecstatic. He has completely cleared his "crime" and saved his face.

The fat woman said to Zhang Quan straightforwardly: "It seems that I misunderstood you."

Zhang Quan was also relieved. But before he could react, a gray-haired old lady shouted at the fat woman in the crowd: "Big girl, this man's heart is not so good!"

This old lady is in the market There is a fruit stand by the road outside. The old aunt said: "It was one afternoon half a month ago. A man bought fruit at my fruit stand. Not far away, his mobile phone fell off his body. It was this person. He picked it up. I thought He will return the phone to the person who dropped it. But he chased after a few steps and suddenly turned into an alley on the right. I had to catch up with the person who dropped the phone and told him. He was so angry, saying that the phone was just bought , more than 2,000 yuan..."

With the "testimony" of the old aunt, Zhang Quankuang broke into a cold sweat. What the old aunt said was true. When he picked up the mobile phone, he originally wanted to return it to the lost person. But when he was about to catch up with the person who lost his mobile phone, he turned onto another road by a strange coincidence...

The fat woman snatched the bag of cooked food from Zhang Quan and said, "I won't sell it to you." Already!"

At this time, the mobile phone rang, and his wife yelled over there: "Damn ghost, I asked you to buy cooked food, where did you buy it?"

Zhang Quan held the I don't know how to answer my wife...

Story meeting: [humorous story] testimony

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