Story meeting: [Humorous story] Bamboo pole and pork liver

It is said that once upon a time there was a rich man who planted a few grapes in his yard.

As time goes by, the grape vines grow longer and longer, seeing that the original grape trellis can no longer bear such a great pressure.

The rich man sees it in his eyes and is anxious in his heart. How to do it? Suddenly, a plan came to mind. Let the family call the housekeeper.

The rich man was sleeping on the grand teacher's chair with his eyes narrowed. When he saw the butler coming to him, he said to the butler, "Yu Da, take some silver and go to the street and buy me a bamboo pole." I didn't ask much at the end, and after agreeing, I went to the street.

Yu Da, the housekeeper, came to the butcher shop in the middle of the street. Ask the butcher to take a pork liver. Yu Da thought to himself, if my boss ate a pork liver, I would not take an ear to taste it.

So, I asked for another ear. The butcher wrapped the pork liver and ears in toilet paper and handed them to Yu Da. Yu Da thought to himself, I have to remember it well, and I can't make a mistake.

In case, if I let my boss know, I will be fined my wages. In the left shoulder pocket is pig liver, and in the right shoulder pocket are ears.

Yu Dazuo talked all the way: "There is pig liver in the left pocket, and ears in the right pocket." Unknowingly, he returned to the rich man's house.

The rich man is still lying on the grand teacher's chair, squinting his eyes, and still humming Beijing tunes.

Yu Da walked up to him and said to the rich man, "Master, I bought the pig liver." He quickly took out the pig liver from his left pocket.

The rich man opened his eyes wide and saw that Yu Da was clearly holding a pork liver wrapped in straw paper. That anger in my heart! He casually reprimanded: "Your ear."

When Yu Dayi heard the rich man's scolding, he felt ashamed, and slowly took out his ear from his right shoulder pocket.

Yu Da thought in his heart, the owner is the owner, he knows that I secretly bought ears behind his back without leaving the house.

The rich man looked at Yu Da's virtue, and he was neither angry nor scolded.

I had no choice but to point to the grapes in the courtyard and say, I asked you to buy bamboo poles to grow grapes.

Story meeting: [Humorous story] Bamboo pole and pork liver

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