Story meeting: [A P story] the "good thing" that was thrown out

Ah P is a vagrant who only knows how to eat, drink and have fun all day long. In his dreams, he always thinks that something good will happen in the sky.

On this day, Ah P was wandering around the street while playing with his mobile phone. Walking to a deserted street, suddenly there was a "boom", my eyes went dark, and I almost fell to the ground. It turned out that he was only focused on playing with his mobile phone, but he bumped his head against a tree. I don't know which wicked ghost put half a bottle of mineral water on the tree branch. When Ah P hit it like this, the mineral water fell and hit him on the head.

Ah P was so angry that he simply blamed the building next to the tree, pointing at the building and shouting: "Damn it, who threw something on me? Come down quickly, or I will call the police!"

After scolding enough, I got angry, and just as Ah P was about to lift his foot, a skinny man came down from upstairs. The thin man came to Ah P, suppressed his anger and asked: "Boy, what are you yelling about here?" Ah P pointed to the bag on his forehead, and asked, "Is it something you smashed?" "Yes and what? No So what?" The thin man was not to be outdone.

The quarrel between the two quickly attracted many people to stop and watch. The thin man didn't want to entangle with Ah P anymore, and turned around to leave, but Ah P became more courageous, so he simply grabbed the thin man, Loudly said to the crowd: "Everyone, judge the reason. I passed by here, and this person threw something from the upstairs and smashed my head out. Do you think he should pay?"
< br>When people heard it, they believed it to be true, and they all supported Ah P and accused the skinny man of being wrong. Seeing that things were getting worse and worse, the thin man said to Ah P in a negotiating tone: "Let's count it as something I threw, what do you want to do? You have something to say."

When Ah P heard this, the thin man actually Taking the initiative to take the blame, he couldn't help being even more arrogant. He stretched out a finger: "Okay! Pay me 1,000 yuan for medical expenses, and the matter will be over, otherwise, I will call the police immediately! Let the police judge!" Cell phone call.

When the thin man saw him, he stopped him quickly and said, "Wait, everything is up for discussion, let me make a phone call first." After speaking, the thin man went to the side and covered his mobile phone with his hand to make a call. When he came back from the phone call, the thin man took out a stack of banknotes and stuffed them into Ah P's hand: "Brother, I'm really sorry that I surprised you. This amount of money is considered medical expenses, so you don't need to make a fuss here." No?"

Is there any reason not to take the money? After the thin man left, Ah P quickly counted the stack of money, and it turned out to be one thousand yuan, but Ah P was so happy that he couldn't figure it out: Is the thin man crazy? Or too much money and no place to spend it?

The next day, Ah P came to the building again by a strange mistake. Seeing that there was no one around, he picked up a small stone on the ground, weighed it, threw it hard on his forehead, and then went upstairs The yelling and cursing started: "You don't have eyes? What wicked person threw things around and hit your father!"

Shouted and scolded a few times, but there was no movement, Ah P couldn't helpFeeling depressed for a while, I said to myself: Forget it, how can there be so many fools in the world? Unexpectedly, at this time, a fat man with a face full of flesh came down from upstairs. The fat man had an attitude of letting things go, and instead of telling Ah P more, he also gave him a thousand dollars.

Who says "pies" won't fall from the sky? Don't you hit your luck? Ah P was so proud that he didn't think much about it, and squandered the money in a few days.

After the money was spent, Ah P came to that street again. This time, he brought an empty wine bottle, and first cursed a few times in the air, but no one came down after cursing. Was it discovered? Ah P gritted his teeth and knocked the empty wine bottle on his head. With a "pop", the wine bottle broke and Ah P's head was bleeding. He threw away the broken wine bottle, covered the wound on his head, and yelled and cursed: "Which bastard upstairs! Ouch! Who threw it? If you don't come down, I will call the police!"

He is like this As soon as he yelled, someone upstairs really came down. Ah P looked up triumphantly, and couldn't help but be surprised, the thin man and the fat man came down together! What surprised him even more was that the two men had fierce looks on their faces, and they couldn't help saying that they picked up Ah P and dragged him upstairs.

"You throw things around and hurt people, what else do you want to do?" Ah P felt a little bit wrong and asked boldly.

The thin man and the fat man ignored Ah P's struggle and forcibly carried him to a room on the fourth floor.

When he got inside, Ah P looked up and was immediately dumbfounded. In addition to the thin and fat people, there were four or five men with unkind faces in the room. The room is full of various refining utensils, and bags of white powder are placed on the table. This place is actually a drug manufacturing den!

The thin man pointed at Ah P, and asked a man wearing glasses: "Brother, this kid has been dismissed twice, and he still dares to make trouble, what should I do?"

"It's really alive I'm getting impatient!" The glasses kicked Ah P hard, "Lock him up first, and then kill him at night!"

Ah P trembled with fright, and his intestines were green with regret . He was locked in a small dark room, his hands were tied behind his back, his feet were tied several times, and his eyes were also blindfolded. Ah P tried to struggle for a long time, but it was impossible to break free, and he had to wait to be killed.

But before it got dark, a group of policemen fell from the sky and caught them all.

The police broke into the room where Ah P was held, and saw that Ah P's hands and feet were tightly bound, and his eyes were still covered with cloth.

The police officer who led the team asked Ah P in disbelief: "We rushed over after receiving the alarm text message. Could it be you who called the police?"

Ah P nodded with difficulty. It turned out that he was about to despair, but suddenly he heard a mobile phone vibrating. Unexpectedly, the gangster was negligent and left his mobile phone on a table in the corner of the room. Ah P tried his best to eat milk, and finally moved closer to the mobile phone, and successfully sent an alarm message.

The police officer looked at Ah P who was tied up like a rice dumpling, and asked: "But how do you send text messages like this?"

br>Ah P sighed: "I am not good at other things, but I am good at playing with mobile phones. Even if I close my eyes and only use my toes, I can still know the position of each key!"

Story meeting: [A P story] the "good thing" that was thrown out

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