Story Club: [New Legend] Become Famous and Rich

Lin Jiansheng is quite a petty bourgeoisie, he has learned some painting and sculpture, and calls himself an "artist". He opened a painting and statue gallery, and the business was okay at first, but after a few years, it became empty, and finally he couldn't even pay the rent of the house.

Being helpless, Lin Jiansheng closed the Painting and Statue Museum.

He found several jobs but failed. When he was at a loss, his friend told him: "You are an artist, but unfortunately you are not a celebrity. If you are a celebrity, a few pieces of oil paint on a rag are a treasure. Clay figurines can enter the auction house."

Lin Jiansheng was touched, he racked his brains, and began to think about shortcuts to becoming famous. In this world with all kinds of things and information, what people haven't seen? If you want to attract people's attention, you have to do something out of the ordinary and use the Internet to spread yourself. Of course, if he doesn't do things that break the law and self-mutilate, then even if he becomes famous, it's not worth it. He wants to get rich by being famous, so what's the point of being famous if he can't enjoy it?

How to become famous quickly? "Taking off" is a trick. How many celebrities rely on promiscuous portraits and dew points to win attention, create topics, and win gimmicks. Why don't you follow suit?

Lin Jiansheng spent several days convincing himself, picked a sunny morning, tidied up his hair and skin neatly, and came to a crowded street. The place where it became famous".

Because it was still early and there were not many people on the street, Lin Jiansheng swallowed for a long time, and finally took off his shirt and pants, revealing his strong and fit muscles.

People around him looked at him in astonishment, and some took out their mobile phones to take pictures. Lin Jiansheng thought, if these people post their photos on Weibo and spread them, they will become famous, and they might be dubbed "Brother Undressed" or "Brother Xiuchun".

Lin Jiansheng put on a handsome pose according to his own idea, with only a pair of underwear left on his body. He was dreaming of his dream of becoming famous, when suddenly there was an exclamation over there, the crowd was crowded, and the people who had been taking pictures of Lin Jiansheng rushed away, leaving him in the cold.

Lin Jiansheng looked along the crowd and was shocked! Not far away, a young woman was naked with a piece of grass on her head, and there was a notice on the ground "Saving Mother Naked", which said that her family was poor and her mother was seriously ill. Xu, stripping naked to show sincerity is too bold!

If there are naked women watching, who will watch Lin Jiansheng? It turned out that the people who followed Lin Jiansheng frantically surrounded the woman and coaxed her to take pictures. One of the tall men took pictures of her from all angles with a long gun and a high-end camera.

After a while, the onlookers dispersed, and the man with the high-end camera threw a pile of clothes to the girl. She put on the clothes calmly, removed the grass from her head, and rolled up the notice carelessly, saying: "The filming is over, can we make it to the top today?"

Ganqing these two people are a team, Lin Jiansheng suddenly realized. woman Xiang LinJiansheng walked over with a twist and sneered and said, "You want to be famous by this too? Your strength is too weak, so think of another way." When Daode met Confucius, he was not afraid of ignorance, but he was afraid of comparing goods. Lin Jiansheng was inferior to this woman's toes in terms of courage, planning, figure, and shameless ability.

Lin Jiansheng suffered a disastrous defeat in the first battle, and the limelight was stolen by others, but he did not make his name. But he didn't give up, and he was still planning to become famous all the time.

On this day, a limousine passed by him, and several paparazzi followed, snapping shots at the woman who got out of the car.

This woman's name is Jiang Yanxi, a film and television star. When she was almost 40 years old, she married the richest man in the area and took a temporary hiatus.

Lin Jiansheng had an idea: If he had something to do with a celebrity, wouldn't he become famous? If he could hook up with Jiang Yanxi, he would be able to anonymously publish the intimate photos of the two of them, causing an uproar, and then write a blog about the details of his relationship with her. Even if they can't hook up successfully, as long as they create some scenes for entertainment journalists to photograph, they can still become famous.

Lin Jiansheng began to pay attention to Jiang Yanxi's movements. After more than 10 days of tracking, Lin Jiansheng finally found Jiang Yanxi in a private room of a coffee shop. She was chatting with a seductive woman.

Seeing Lin Jiansheng in waiter clothes coming in, Jiang Yanxi immediately turned her head out of the window, Lin Jiansheng walked over and said: "Miss Jiang, I am your fan, I have been following you for many days, there are some things I must say Tell you!"

Jiang Yanxi turned to look at him in astonishment, Lin Jiansheng handed over his business card in a gentlemanly manner, and proudly told how he recognized and followed Jiang Yanxi, how he coaxed the coffee shop owner to let him be a temporary Waiter, all showing off.

Jiang Yanxi said in surprise: "You are really better than Yuji, why do you do this? It's not just as simple as a fan."

"I want to be your lover, your husband is not Loyalty, I love you, it's that simple." Lin Jiansheng thought to himself, I am young and handsome, an old woman like you who lacks love will not be tempted.

Jiang Yanxi laughed loudly: "Mr. Lin Jiansheng, do you really love me, or do you want to use me to be famous? I have seen this kind of man a lot. To tell you the truth, I actually don't like men. I love women. , marrying my husband is just a cover to gag." She swept the woman beside her, "Her name is Ali, and she is my lover."

Lin Jiansheng has never seen such a battle before, and he can't speak It's not easy to say: "You guys, you are too that, aren't you afraid of being known?"

Jiang Yanxi waved her hand: "I'm already very famous, I don't mind adding more gimmicks, you can do whatever you want. By the way, I'm going to the United States soon, do you want to come with me?" After speaking, she walked away with Ali on her arm.

Lin Jiansheng was very frustrated when he failed to become famous twice in a row. There are so many little people who have been hyped to become stars, why is he not the only one? News about Naked Save Mother and Jiang Yanxi's suspected homosexuality came out on the Internet, but Lin Jiansheng was not mentioned at all.

He concluded: If you want to be famous, you must get the most attention from people and do the most attractive things. Apart from the streets, it must be the government buildings that attract the most attention. It is better to pretend to be a petitioner, even if you are arrested by the police. You can't do anything to him, maybe once this level is released, he will become famous.

With the previous two experiences, Lin Jiansheng became more courageous. Taking advantage of the busiest time of the election conference, he changed into a rag and knelt in front of the government building, erected a big wind banner, He wrote "The way of heaven is unfair, plead for your own life".

Sure enough, as soon as Lin Jiansheng came out like a bear, he immediately attracted the security guards, and of course the reporters who had been waiting early, the security guards pulled Lin Jiansheng away, and the reporters pointed the camera at him.

While struggling, Lin Jiansheng turned his face to the reporter's camera and performed: "The law of heaven is not fair. I, Lin Jiansheng, have all the talents, but I have no use for them. The law of heaven is not fair. I ask the government to give a public judgment..."< br>
After Lin Jiansheng was locked up, a bespectacled man slapped him on the table with a cold face: "Today is the day of the meeting, you are deliberately looking for trouble, we can imprison you for ten days and a half months for the crime of picking quarrels!"

The man with glasses is not angry and pretentious. Lin Jiansheng is a little scared. There are no reporters here, and he will not be famous for acting. The experience of being cheated of 800,000 yuan. When Lin Jiansheng was released, it was already the noon break.

Lin Jiansheng was not discouraged. He had a quarrel, but no one did anything to him. If he wants to be famous, he must stir things up. He continued to kneel and make trouble at the gate of the government the next day. Naturally, he was quickly arrested and photographed, and it was still the man with glasses who received him.

The man with glasses put his hands behind his back and said, "Your name is Lin Jiansheng. You are 32 years old. You graduated from a second-rate art school. You opened a shop at No. 28 Xiaodongmen. You suffered a leg injury in a car accident the year before last, and now you live at No. 12, Yanchun Community, Xizi Hutong." No. You are renting a house surnamed Wu. Your father died of cancer in 1993, and your mother remarried to the Wang family in 2000, right?"

These Lin Jiansheng haven't reported yet, and the man with glasses can find out one in a day. It is clear that the ability is really superb.

The man with glasses sneered and said: "Your girlfriend surnamed Ouyang was married 5 years ago, and you have never earned 800,000 yuan in your life. If you deceive maliciously, you should be punished as blackmail. After investigation , you have no history of mental illness."

Lin Jiansheng didn't dare to hide it anymore, he just wanted to be famous, but he never thought of committing a crime, so he quickly pretended to be pitiful, telling about his bankruptcy with tears in his nose and tears Seeing that the man in glasses didn’t respond, he said fiercely, “I’m at a loss. What.

Lin Jiansheng was released after being locked up for a long time. A group of reporters pointed their cameras at him, and the man with glasses shouted: "Which reporter are they? Registered one by one. If this news spreads on the Internet Take you for example, who is applying for a civilized city now, who would dare to smear it?"

The reporters are very goodHe quickly put away the camera and was recruited by the staff to register. Lin Jiansheng beat a small drum in his heart: Is it a waste of effort again?

Lin Jiansheng's guess was right, and he wasted his efforts again. He was tired of searching the Internet, but he didn't find anything related to him. It seems that if you want to be famous and get rich, you have to wait for your next life.

One day a week later, Lin Jiansheng, who was desperate for fame and fortune, was wandering in the street looking for a job. That day I found out that you are a talent, you are in good shape, and you can let go. Why don’t you cooperate with us to make a small film. Domestic control is tight, and our small film is specially spread abroad. Make a half-hour film, and I will give you this amount. "He made a ten thousand gesture with his hand.

10,000 yuan was money that Lin Jiansheng could not earn by selling his handicrafts for a month before, but now he can earn this amount as long as he is shameless, and he is very excited.

A few days later, Jiang Yanxi contacted Lin Jiansheng according to his business card, she said: "I found that you are unusual in tracking people, and you are my loyal fan. I suspect that my husband is having an affair. I don’t want the property to be divided too little during the divorce, so you can be my private detective, and I’ll give you 15,000 a month.”

Half a month later, the man with glasses who didn’t show off his anger visited him personally, To arrange a job for Lin Jiansheng, he said: "There will be a recruitment test next month. You can do it. This is an iron rice bowl. Once you have a job, stop messing around. Now is the critical period for striving for a civilized city. No one can do it." Slow down."

Lin Jiansheng himself couldn't believe it: he won the three lottery in a row, and although he failed repeatedly to become famous, he really became rich.

Story Club: [New Legend] Become Famous and Rich

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