Silver coins packed in sour fish bucket

Silver coins packed in sour fish barrels

A farmer named Ai Luozuo bought a thin The buffalo had originally negotiated 50 silver coins, but Ai Luozuo lost his head for a moment and gave all his savings—100 silver coins to the other party. It wasn't until he took the ox home that he remembered that he had paid 50 silver coins more. When he went back to ask for it, Mahasati refused to accept it.

Ai Luozuo asked Zhurabati for help, and Zhurabati followed him to Mahasati's house.

Zhu Labo asked Ai Luozo: "When you went to Mahasati's house, did you put all the money in your pocket?"

Ai Luozuo said: "No, all of them are carried in the sour fish tube Come."

Zhulabati asked Mahasati again: "What about you? How much money is also packed in the sour fish tube?"

Silver coins packed in sour fish bucket

Mahasati said: "My money is packed in a wooden box. Now I have 1,500 of his money, plus the 50 cow money he paid today, and the total is 1,550." He said, and took out a small wooden box, Opening the lid of the box, he pointed to the bright white silver coins and said, "There are 1,500 coins inside, all of which belong to me. There are also 50 scattered on the ground, which are money for selling cattle."

Zhu Laboti took all the money Pour onto a mat and spread evenly. After a while, I saw many flies flying low above the money, and finally landed on a small part of the money in the middle and did not move. Zhurabote secretly counted the silver coins on which the flies were crawling, and it happened to be 100. He pointed to the money and said to Mahasati: "Ai Luozuo really paid you 50 more. If you don't believe me, count them. How much money are those flies crawling on?" There are a few! Don’t forget that Elozzo’s money smells of sour fish. Although it’s been a long time, it’s hard for people’s nose to smell fish, but flies can still smell it. You’d better hurry up Go and pick out 50 of the coins that the flies crawled over, and return them to Elozzo.”

Mahasati blushed, knowing that he couldn’t hide it, so he had to return the 50 silver coins to Ellozzo.


You know, flies like fishy smell, and the clever Zhurabati took advantage of this characteristic of flies, and quickly helped Elozuo get back his own money.

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