Short story for children: The big box of the strange witch

The strange witch lives in the big forest, and she always flies around on a broomstick, dragging a big box behind the broomstick.

At the beginning, everyone was very curious and always wanted to see what treasures were inside, but they were very disappointed immediately after seeing it, because it turned out to be full of "garbage": toys thrown away by children, rotten Falling petals, a toothbrush, a small lump of soil, three or four fallen leaves... are all inconspicuous things.

"That must be a dumpster!" said one child.

Autumn is over and winter is whistling. The earth put on a thick cotton-padded jacket, the black bear hid in its hole and slept soundly, and the birds all flew away together, leaving only bare trees.

"Alas! Winter is so boring!" A frog blinked and yawned.

At this time, a strange witch appeared in front of it. "The snow just now was really heavy." She brushed off the snow on the broom and opened her box.

The little frog is not interested in her box, everyone knows that it is full of useless things. "I'm going to hibernate. I really want to see spring soon. The flowers are so fragrant and the sun is so warm!" The little frog couldn't help closing his eyes and began to imagine.

"It's easy to handle." The strange witch opened the box, grabbed a large handful of rotten petals from it, sprinkled it into the air, and said in her mouth: "Bala Jigu, Bara Jigu!"


After listening to the strange witch's words, the little frog couldn't help opening his eyes, and saw that the open space suddenly turned green, covered with dots of wild flowers, and the fragrance of flowers was everywhere. "Wow! It's amazing!" The little frog jumped up and down excitedly,

"It would be better if there were more butterflies!"

"It's very simple!" I took out a handful of fallen leaves from the box and sprinkled them into the air. The fallen leaves turned into colorful butterflies, flying around among the flowers. Then, the strange witch combed the willow tree's green hair with a comb, made big horns out of mud, and turned the toys into chickens and ducklings. They picked up the horns and blew: "Tick tick, tick tick! !"

The joyful music woke up Father Sun who was sleeping. He poked his head out of the cloud quilt and shouted, "Ah? Has spring already come? Oops, I overslept Lah!"

The little snowman was so happy that she shed tears: "I finally see a beautiful spring!"

Where is the little frog, it is sitting on the broom of the strange witch, Sow the seeds of spring!

Short story for children: The big box of the strange witch

This story tells the children that in our lives, there are many inconspicuous things that can turn decay into magic. For example, you can turn abandoned soda bottles into vases and pens.Toothpaste boxes can be made into cars, fallen leaves can be made into handicrafts and so on. As long as you are willing to use your brain, use your imagination, and transform them with your hands, just like the witch can turn them into flowers and butterflies, they can breathe new life.

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