Rural Entrepreneurship Story: Cut and Eat the Cake

In India, small villages often experience power outages that last for hours. For local store owners, having a backup power generation system has become a necessary equipment for their business. But even a small generator at $440 isn't within the reach of these shopkeepers. Once the power goes out, they have to suspend business, or watch the goods that need to be frozen gradually go bad. On the other hand, many companies that distribute power generation equipment cannot sell their products.

When everyone was at a loss, a distributor of a Japanese company in India came up with a solution and successfully sold the company's small generators to shopkeepers who could not afford the company's products. The dealer rounded up 20 store owners and asked them to each pay $22 a month to a mutual fund, so that the mutual fund could scrape together $440 a month to buy a small generator. Every month thereafter, the 20 shopkeepers will draw lots to determine the ownership of the generators purchased by the mutual fund, and the winners will bring the generators back to the shop for use. After 20 months, all of the 20 participating shop owners had a generator.

This approach is welcomed by the shopkeepers, because there is no need to pay 440 US dollars in one lump sum, and only 22 US dollars should be taken out at a time, which avoids the loss caused by power outages. The company has thus broadened the market and added a new source of income. Now, the company is actively promoting the dealer's practice across India.

How much does it cost to buy a golf course with an excellent environment? Must be very expensive, right? There is an old man in a certain state of the United States who owns a very beautiful 18-hole golf course covering an area of ??100 mu, and hopes to sell it to the public. The market price of this stadium is estimated to be about 2 million US dollars, but the old man only shouted "200 US dollars"!

A $2 million golf course for $200? Is the old man crazy?

Rural Entrepreneurship Story: Cut and Eat the Cake

The old man is not crazy, what he is doing is a profitable business. Because, people who want to buy the stadium, in addition to paying a deposit of "200 US dollars" for bidding procedures, must also participate in an "essay competition" of two to three hundred words, explaining why they want to buy this stadium, and what ideas and methods are there to come up with it. Run the stadium. As long as you get the "First Place in the Essay Competition", the entire golf course will be your prize!

However, the old man still has a condition, that is, if the bidding does not reach 10,000 articles, he will cancel the price of 200 US dollars. However, according to the general public auction, it is still fromPrices start at $2 million. Do the math, "US$200" multiplied by "10,000 articles", isn't it US$2 million! In the end, there were more than 20,000 participants!

Editor's note: Many times, the distance from problem to miracle is short - just cut it into a few pieces!

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