Reader: Time is far

In the blink of an eye, the Spring Festival has passed for many days. The firecrackers exploded sporadically, and the blessings were handed over when they met. The smell of the New Year wafted everywhere, revealing the breath of spring. Even the jagged branches of small trees on the boulevard of Binhe Road are bursting with clusters of flower buds. The river water is glowing with lingling waves, flowing gently towards the place where the sun rises.

I am always complaining about how time flies, and when I open the calendar, how many pages can I leave to enrich myself? The new year that has just turned over is not completely immersed in the festive atmosphere, blurring the boundary between day and night. The incoherent speech after drinking, the vastness of the sea and the sky when chatting, no matter the bold plan years ago-reading in leisure time, painting and calligraphy when the mind is quiet. Even if I occasionally think of the big picture, I often say "wait until tomorrow to start" perfunctory. Unexpectedly, tomorrow will be tomorrow, and there will be so many tomorrows. Year after year, no fruit is seen, only sighs are heard. This is the sorrow of the mediocre.

Everyone has a heroic spirit, but the reality makes people scruple too much. Wouldn't it be painful to hide your pride, smooth out the edges and corners, hide in a corner and watch the world quietly, and end up being called a "good guy" and a worthless person for the rest of your life?

I often meditate by the window and feel the quiet beauty of the night. Looking up at the sky, the galaxy is bright, and a shooting star passes by, quietly falling into the boundless night. There was a babbling sound coming from a distance, listen carefully, it was a wild goose flying by, and there was a little life in the silence. Overlooking the street view, it has long since returned to silence, and entered the dreamland with the crowd, fading away from the hustle and bustle, only the green leaves swaying in the breeze. Listen, that long neigh is the sigh of the train, revealing the modern atmosphere of this mountain city.

Whenever loneliness strikes, take a sip of the old wine brewed in the hometown of Baogu, and warm up the warm memory, the mood will suddenly become bright, and the confusion and frustration will be indifferent. Roaring "Xintianyou", even though the wind outside Chaimen is cold and the snowflakes are swirling in the air, you don't feel the cold at all, this is due to your state of mind.

A person lives for a lifetime, but lives for a state of mind. However, the environment is created by the mind and cannot be controlled by material power. Ten thousand taels of gold may not be enough for the greedy; three meals full of warmth have met the wishes of ordinary people.

In the distance of time, we are getting farther and farther away from yesterday, and getting closer and closer to tomorrow.

A year's plan lies in spring. Plan the future in this beautiful season, and vaguely see the splendor in the distance.

Reader: Time is far

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