No one can lose 200 words after viewing

Not one of them can be less than 200 words

Introduction: Let’s take a look at a carefully prepared one for everyone with the editor of Inspirational Stories Can't miss 200 words after watching it!

Article 1

What is it that cannot be missing? With such doubts, I went to watch the movie "No One Less". As the plot unfolded, I was deeply attracted by this movie.

The film narrates a very moving story. A 13-year-old girl doll, in order to keep her promise of "not one less", interpreted a story that made me laugh and moved me.

No one can lose 200 words after viewing

At first, the purpose of the female teacher seems to be very simple, just for the 20 yuan substitute fee, but as the plot unfolds, the female teacher is more for that promise. When she went out to look for migrant students, she got support and help from all aspects of the society. The TV station broadcast her missing persons notices for free, and raised a truckload of school supplies to fund education in poor areas.

Seeing this, I have a lot of thoughts. Indeed, the current development of our country is not balanced, and some areas are still below the poverty line, but even in these remote areas, they still attach great importance to education and try their best to popularize education.

This is the case with education in rural areas. In big cities, the party and the government also attach importance to education. A few days ago, I saw a piece of news on TV saying that the Shanghai Special Education School moved to a new location. The new building has clear windows and perfect facilities, fully reflecting the Party and government’s concern for mentally handicapped and disabled children. Not only that, when the school learned that some students had dropped out of school due to financial difficulties, the school leaders made a decisive decision to subsidize the transportation expenses so that these children could go to school. The principal said: We do this to keep the children in school, and to let the children have a foundation in tomorrow and contribute to the construction of the motherland.

It's "not one less", when the scenes of mentally handicapped and disabled children learning etiquette and skills under the guidance of teachers appear on the movie screen, when I see the children singing and dancing happily, I can't help but I deeply appreciate the care of the party and the government, and the warmth of teacher love.

Recalling myself, under such superior conditions, there is really no reason not to study hard, and there is really no reason to live up to the expectations of teachers and parents. I must cherish learning, study hard, and work hard for a bright tomorrow.

Part 2

This is a very touching movie: In a poor mountain village, there was a substitute teacher named Wei Minzhi, she promisedThe original teachers and students must not be missing. As a result, two students were missing. With the help of the 28 students he brought, Mr. Wei finally found the boy with the help of the TV station after a long journey and got the help of kind people.

This substitute teacher is younger than us, 13 years old, but she stubbornly sticks to the promise of "not one less"! In the end, many people raised money, but how much of these funds and materials can be sent to the poor students, and how many resources are actually spent on the students. When the teacher said that he wanted to find Zhang Huike, he went to the village head for help. Put away the big fish and meat, and eat the leftovers, while rejecting her request, saying that there is no money, and I can't help if I want to. When the teacher went to move bricks, the migrant workers knew that they were helping their classmates, so those urban people who refused to let them get on the bus and didn't help them were nothing. The receptionist of the TV station kept saying that he followed the rules. When he saw that, he had the ability to make a little girl wait outside for a day and a half, and then slept on the road at night. Many people know about Zhang Huike's affairs, and they deal with it with impatience. Isn't this world a little bit dull?

This story tells the misfortune of the poor elementary school, the misfortune of the whole China, and the misfortune of the people of every force.

In my opinion, it is impossible for mountain village primary schools to rely solely on charity.

Part 3

Today we went to Zibo Cinema to watch a film called "No One Less".

The play is about the mother of Teacher Gao of Shuiquan Primary School in Shuiquan Township, who is sick. He wants to go home to visit, so he invites Wei Minzhi, who is only 12 years old, as a substitute teacher. Before leaving, Teacher Gao repeatedly told Wei Minzhi that there should be no less students in his class. But soon, Zhang Huike went to work in the city because his family was poor. Teacher Wei traveled thousands of miles to the city to find Zhang Huike. Finally, with the help of the director of the TV station, he finally found Zhang Huike.

The classrooms of Shuiquan Primary School are so dilapidated, with so little stationery, and the students’ families are so poor. But no matter how dilapidated the classroom, how few stationery, and how poor the family, they still insist on studying. We don't know how many times our current environment is better than them, so we should study harder.

The teacher Wei in the play is so kind to her students, and our teacher Wang is not bad to us. In order to let us grow up and be promising, the teacher is working hard for us all the time. The classmate was sick, and the teacher sacrificed his rest time to visit the classmate and make up lessons for the classmate. The teacher cares about us and loves us so much. We must repay the teacher with excellent grades.

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