Near Zhuzhechi

Bao Yanru's son Xiaogang who stayed in his hometown was in a car accident. Her husband rushed back and called soon after, saying that Xiaogang's life was not in danger, but the medical bills were very expensive. I lost all my savings from working for several years, and borrowed everything I could from relatives and friends, but there was still a big gap, so I had to find a way quickly. After Bao Yanru heard the news, she was so anxious that she shed tears all day long. She worked in a small handicraft shop in the historical and cultural district. The shop owner immediately gave her 2,000 yuan after learning about the situation, and the other two shop assistants also donated 200 yuan each. Fees are still a drop in the bucket. Fortunately, at this moment, the neighborhood management committee learned of Bao Yanru's plight and mobilized businesses in the whole neighborhood to donate to her, which enabled Bao Yanru to send money back for her son to continue his treatment.

On this day, a well-dressed middle-aged woman came to the handicraft store. She approached Bao Yanru and said that her name was Jiang Honghong, and she was the owner of a silk company. medical expenses. Bao Yanru was so moved that she shed tears and said, "Thank you! Thank you! You are really a great benefactor to our family!"

Jiang Honghong said, "Don't say that, because I also have a My son, I know what it feels like to be a mother when the child has an accident.” In this way, with Jiang Honghong’s support, Xiaogang finally received thorough treatment and was discharged from the hospital. In order to thank Jiang Honghong, Bao Yanru brought some native products from her hometown to visit. She knew that Jiang Honghong didn't like these gifts at all, but they still represented her heart. Jiang Honghong warmly received Bao Yanru. When she learned that Xiaogang had a car accident because his grandma was too old to control him, she suggested that Bao Yanru take Xiaogang to study in the city. Bao Yanru shook her head and said: "The cost of studying in the city is much higher than that in the countryside. My husband and I don't earn much from part-time jobs, and we can't spend all of it on Xiaogang alone, so we didn't bring him here.

Jiang Honghong said: "You are thinking wrong. Although the cost of Xiaogang's study in the city is higher, the child can be taken care of better with his parents. Things like car accidents Maybe it can be avoided, and from this point of view, it is still economical." Bao Yanru thinks about it, too, the car accident just now used up the couple's working savings for several years, fortunately there is Jiang Honghong's kindness People give generously. After such a calculation, it is indeed more beneficial to bring Xiaogang to study in the city, and she no longer has to worry about her son's safety. Jiang Honghong saw that Bao Yanru had already been tempted, so she began to enthusiastically contact the school for Xiaogang. The location of Jiang Honghong's son Xiaolei's school is right between their house and the rented house of Bao Yanru and his wife. Jiang Honghong also had some friendship with the principal of that school. With her efforts, Xiaogang became a transfer student in the third grade of this school and became Xiaolei's classmate.

Due to the special relationship between the two families, Xiaolei and Xiaogang soon became good friends. Not only are they almost inseparable at school, they evenEven on weekends, I can't bear to separate, either you come to my house, or I go to your house, it seems that I can't wait to merge the two families into one family.

One day, Xiaogang went to Xiaolei's house to play, and happened to meet Jiang Honghong resting at home. Although Xiaogang has been to Xiaolei's house several times, Jiang Honghong has never seen him because of his busy work. Now that he sees him, he naturally pays more attention. At this time, she found that Xiaogang's buttocks seemed to have been smeared with sesame oil, he was moving around and refused to sit still, and he didn't look at her when he was talking. Jiang Honghong thought, after all, she is a child from the countryside, and she doesn't know how to behave in front of her classmates' parents, but she didn't care too much, and went to the refrigerator to get an apple to entertain Xiaogang. Xiao Gang was not polite, he grabbed one and bit it. Before Jiang Honghong could stop it, a large piece of apple was already in his mouth. Just when Jiang Honghong was dumbfounded, she suddenly realized that Xiaolei was about to put an apple into her mouth, so she quickly stopped and said, "Xiaolei, don't you know how to wash your hands before eating?" Xiaolei made a gesture to her. He made a grimace, and then took Xiaogang to wash his hands together. Afterwards, Jiang Honghong saw that after Xiaogang finished eating the apples, he wiped his hands on his pants naturally, so her thoughts began to churn violently. Obviously, Xiaogang has developed many bad habits in his life because no one was in charge of education when he was in his hometown. And children are the easiest to imitate. Xiaolei and Xiaogang have been obviously affected when they are together. If no measures are taken, their own children will also be infected with these bad habits.

A week later, Jiang Honghong went to find Bao Yanru again, and said that she had already contacted Xiaogang with another school for children of migrant workers. The children of migrant workers are also easier to get along with each other. Bao Yanru was very puzzled. Jiang Honghong contacted Xiaogang's current school. At that time, she repeatedly said how good this school was, and why Xiaogang had to transfer to another school after a short period of time. Waiting for Xiaogang today After returning home from school, Bao Yanru carefully asked him about what happened when he went to Xiaolei's house, and she immediately understood that Jiang Honghong didn't want Xiaogang to be with Xiaolei again, so as not to "spoil" her son. . Bao Yanru was a little annoyed. Originally, she could have disagreed with Xiaogang's transfer, but Jiang Honghong was their family's benefactor after all, and Bao Yanru didn't want to embarrass her.

However, Jiang Honghong would never have imagined that the transfer of schools did not affect the friendship between the two children at all, and it seemed that they became closer. The difference is that it has become just Xiaolei running to Xiaogang's house. Bao Yanru was very nervous and anxious about this. From a rational point of view, she can't drive Xiao Lei out, but she is also afraid that Xiao Lei will get some of Xiao Gang's bad habits, so she will be too sorry for Jiang Honghong. She thought over and over again, and felt that the best and most thorough solution was to get rid of the bad habits that Xiao Gang brought from the countryside. Through observation, Bao Yanru recorded Xiao Gang's bad habits one by one, and then asked others for advice, and urged Xiao Gang to correct them one by one. After a period of hard work, Xiao Gang's self-cultivation has really improved a lot .

Although Jiang Honghong asked Xiaogang to transfer to another school,But I still feel a little worried, and often observe Xiaolei secretly to see what bad habits he has learned. However, after observing for a period of time, she found that Xiaolei's living habits had returned to the original state, and those problems of lack of hygiene and negligence of etiquette were gone. Letting him be with Xiaogang didn't cause serious consequences. However, on the other hand, she really felt the changes in Xiaolei. For example, when eating, Xiaolei always sat down at the table carelessly, waiting for his parents to serve him food. In the past, he always put away the family's dishes and served his own meals. Once, Jiang Honghong saw Xiaolei washing socks by herself. Although the socks were not clean, Jiang Honghong quietly washed them again later, but she was still sincerely happy. She felt that her son had become diligent.

One day, Jiang Honghong was busy with the company's affairs, and when she returned home, she felt back pain and sat on the sofa to rest silently. At this time, Xiaolei walked up to her and said, "Mom, you must be very tired. I'll help you beat your back." Before she could react, two small fists began to beat her back. Jiang Honghong almost shed tears, which was impossible before. She pulled Xiaolei to her and said, "Son, when did you become so sensible."

Looking at her, Xiaolei said solemnly, "I'm learning from Xiaogang. Yes. Xiaogang’s parents work very hard, and Xiaogang often beats their backs after returning home.” Jiang Honghong was taken aback, and quickly asked, “Are you still with Xiaogang?”

Xiaolei raised his head, and said like a grown-up: "Yes, we are close buddies, how can we separate so easily." Jiang Honghong immediately understood that although Xiaogang has some bad habits in life, he also has many bright spots For example, diligence, simplicity, sensibleness, etc., when he and Xiaolei are together, as long as they are properly educated, they can learn from each other in good aspects and reject each other in bad aspects.

The next night, Jiang Honghong specially asked Xiaolei to take her to Bao Yanru and their rented house. She was surprised to find that after not seeing him for more than a month, Xiao Gang seemed to be a completely different person. He treats people politely, and those bad habits before are gone. She said with emotion: "Xiaogang is becoming more and more likable."

Near Zhuzhechi

Bao Yanru said: "Isn't this all learned from Xiaolei? Since the two children are so It's good, I also have the responsibility, and I can't let Xiaogang's bad habits affect Xiaolei." Jiang Honghong couldn't help but feel hot. The method of letting the two children learn from each other's strengths and grow up together, she thought it was a good idea and she was complacent. Who knew that others had already thought of it and implemented it. This is all because of the inexplicable sense of superiority in her body. Although she used to sympathize with them and gave them generosity, there was also a kind of condescending discrimination in it. Thinking of this, Jiang Honghong blushed and said sincerely: "I want Xiaogang to go back to the previous school, so that the growth of the two children will be greatly improved."Longer is more beneficial. Do you agree?"

Bao Yanru smiled and said, "As long as it's for the good of the children, I won't object to whatever you do. "Jiang Honghong suddenly felt that not only can two children learn from each other, but adults can also learn a lot.

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