Harem Story: Who is Li Ji's son? Why didn't her son become king?

In the Spring and Autumn Period of my country, the wife of Duke Xian of Jin, the king of the Jin Kingdom, was Li Ji, the princess of Li Rong, who was defeated by the Empress Xian of Jin.

In 672 B.C., Duke Xian of Jin started the war in Lirong. It was long overdue. The Jin State won a great victory in this battle, and Li Rong surrendered to the Jin State, and dedicated Li Rong's two beautiful princesses, Li Ji and Shao Ji, to Jin Xiangong. Duke Xian of Jin returned triumphantly, carrying the beauties and the offerings he had received, and returned to the State of Jin. For a while, all the people in the State of Jin were immersed in the joy of victory, not knowing what kind of poisonous woman their monarch had brought back.

The "Zuo Zhuan Four Years of Duke Xi" describes it like this: At the beginning, Duke Xian of Jin wanted to make Li Ji his wife. The Duke said: "Cong Di." This incident happened a few years after Li Ji entered the Jin Kingdom. Because Li Ji was beautiful and scheming, she got along like a fish in water in the harem, and to put it bluntly, she was very favored. With the favor of the monarch, isn't it walking sideways in the harem? It is not enough for Li Ji to be favored. Only by gaining status can she maintain stability. Therefore, Li Ji whispered in Jin Xiangong's ears every day, pretending to be kind and magnanimous, so that people could think that she was the mother of Jin. Over time, Duke Xian of Jin wanted to make Li Ji his wife. At that time, when people made major decisions, they would show prudence and perform divination, which was used to determine good or bad luck. Duke Xian of Jin summoned the minister in charge of divination in the state of Jin, and asked him to predict the good or bad of making Li Ji his wife. The divination person first used a more accurate turtle shell for divination, and the result showed great ominousness, and then he used divination divination, and the result showed auspiciousness. Duke Xian of Jin watched all the time. He was silent for a while, and said, "Since the divination is auspicious, let's announce the result!" It is accurate, and even if it is divination, the hexagrams show that if Li Ji is favored too much, big troubles will also happen

It's a disaster. You must be careful!" Jin Xiangong did not listen to the words of the divination ministers, and still made Li Ji his wife.

 Harem Story: Who is Li Ji's son? Why didn't her son become king?

Li Ji was pregnant with a child within a few years of becoming the wife, and Li Ji gave birth to a boy, who was named Xi Qi by Duke Xian. For Li Ji and Xi Qi's mother and son, Xian Gong cherished it very much, and gradually wanted to abolish the crown prince Shen Sheng and establish Xi Qi. Under Li Ji's training, Xi Qi is very good at being cute and cunning, and Duke Xiang of Jin dotes on this son very much, and this idea of ??abandoning the elder and establishing the younger is becoming more and more profound. Li Ji taught Xi Qi to behave well in front of Duke Xiangong of Jin, so that he could become a king in the future.The crown prince of the Jin Kingdom, the Jin Kingdom will become his property, otherwise it will be taken away by others. In order to help her son Xi Qi get the crown prince, Li Ji repeatedly designed to frame Prince Shen Sheng, and also blacklisted the outstanding sons Chong'er and Yi Wu among the sons of Duke Xian. Shen Sheng was killed and hanged himself. Chonger Yiwu fled abroad. This is the famous "Li Ji Rebellion" in history. Duke Xian of Jin didn't realize it was done by Li Ji, a woman, and regarded her as a weak and helpless ignorant woman. Before his death, Duke Xian entrusted the prince Xi Qi and his beloved Li Ji to his confidant doctor Xun Xi, and he got rid of them. Xun Xi protected Li Ji's mother and son, and handed over the power of state affairs to him. After Xian Gong's death, Xun Xi supported Xi Qi as the king of Jin and made Li Ji the queen mother of Jin according to Xian Gong's will. All of this failed. Before Xi Qi officially succeeded to the throne, Rick, the power minister of the Jin State, killed him, and then killed Li Ji and Zhuo Zi who was about to succeed him.

Rick is a minister of the Jin Kingdom, with the surname Ying, Li family name, and name Ke. Rick was once a staunch supporter of the crown prince Shen Sheng. After Shen Sheng's death, while regretting in his heart, he deeply felt that Li Ji's mother and son had harmed the country and the people, confused the monarch, and vowed to get rid of Li Ji's party. When Duke Xian was in power, Rick was still a little restrained. As soon as Duke Xian died, Rick set off a battle to end Li Ji's rebellion, and wiped out Li Ji's party in the state of Jin. Rick believed that the monarch of Jin must be a virtuous person like Shen Sheng. Xi Qi was misled by Li Ji, and his mind was not right. He was not a qualified monarch. For the future of Jin and revenge for Shen Sheng, he got rid of him. Li Ji. Li Ji didn't have the protection of Duke Xian, and she didn't have a fixed court relationship, so she could only let others slaughter her.

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