Folk Tale: Yang Jisheng's "Coinful Pair" Story

Yang Jisheng was a famous person in the Ming Dynasty who was famous for his "smart pairing". Born in Rongcheng, Hebei, Jiajing Jintu. According to legend, he "every time he does something wrong, people always call him good". So far, there are still many good stories about his coincidence among the people.

It is said that when Yang Jisheng first entered the private school, one day, an older student, Mr. Private School, came to study when he saw such an old person. A pair came out to laugh at each other:

Old student

Who knew that as soon as he finished speaking, he was sitting aside Yang Jisheng took it without thinking:

Small Jinshi

The gentleman who laughed at the "old student" was surprised and said: "He is so smart at such a young age, he will be promising in the future!"

Once, the teacher of the private school went out, and the students played a game of fighting. They were having fun, but unexpectedly, the husband came back suddenly, and everyone hurriedly hid. The teacher was furious, knelt down one by one, and made a pair;

Hide and hide;

Tell the students to be right, first to be right Those who go out are exempted from punishment, and those who do not go out will continue to be fined to kneel. I saw Yang Jisheng smiled slightly, and answered correctly:

Folk Tale: Yang Jisheng's "Coinful Pair" Story

Show your name and name.

The anger on Mr.'s face was wiped away immediately, and he exclaimed: "This is absolutely!" He stretched out his hand and pulled Yang Jisheng up. Since then, Yang Jisheng has become famous for being good at confrontation. During his ten years as a teacher in a private school, Yang Jisheng also made many popular couplets. For example, once, his cousin Xin Tiyuan came to visit. It happened that there was no wine at home, so I went to the hotel to buy it, and it happened that the wine was also sold out. Xin Tiyuan came out of the Shanglian opera and said:

No wine is poor;

I only heard a slightly childish voice answering:

Your son is a famous minister.

Xin Tiyuan's eyes swept away, and it turned out that it was Xiao Jisheng who responded, and he couldn't help but praise him. When Yang Jisheng grew up, he really became a famous official in the Ming Dynasty, ranging from an official to a member of the Ministry of War. At that time, the traitor Yan Song was under the dictatorship, and Yang Jisheng was demoted four times within a year because of his loyalty and outspokenness. The last time, on the way to be demoted, he impeached Yan Song with "ten crimes and five traitors", but was framed and imprisoned. After being tortured, he was brutally killed.

Iron shoulders shoulder morality;

Try to read the article.

This famous couplet, which has been passed down through the ages, was written by Yang Jisheng in prison. The couplet is sonorous and powerful, showing his swaying mind and strong bones.

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