Fairy Tale: Autumn Witch's Leaf Letter

There are four old witches in Witch Village - Spring Witch, Summer Witch, Autumn Witch and Winter Witch.

Witch Chun likes to do needlework, especially embroidery, and wears reading glasses to embroider under the lamp every night. Red flowers, pink flowers, thin needles and long threads, the embroidered flowers are very beautiful. After the embroidery was finished, she spread the flowers on the ground and rode a broom into the sky to look left and right.

Witch Xia likes to bake pancakes. How much noodles to make, how much water to add, how to control the heat, witch Xia is an expert. Witch Xia likes to sit on the cotton flying carpet, put the rolled dough cakes on the sun frying pan, and "stab—" once, it is cooked. In a few seconds, a large stack of pancakes was baked.

Witch Qiu is a glutton, she loves to eat if she doesn't like anything else. Even if she lost all her teeth and put on dentures, she would still eat. With a touch of her magic wand, the earth has a good harvest and the fruit trees bear fruit. The autumn witch happily flew to this tree to pick peaches, and flew to that tree to pick apricots, very busy. No wonder she is the fattest among the four old witches.

Witch Witch Dong has no other hobbies, but loves to sing. She practices with her tune all day long. She feels that singing is the happiest thing in the world. However, until now, Witch Winter has not sung a complete song, and it is said that her voice is really not very good.

Fairy Tale: Autumn Witch's Leaf Letter

On this day, Witch Autumn ate so much that she couldn't even stand up straight. She could only lie on the branch straight. She missed Witch Winter a little bit.

"What is Witch Winter doing?" Witch Autumn climbed up from the branch and said to the big tree, "I order you to find Witch Winter for me. I miss you very much." She."

"I am very willing to help, but where is Witch Winter?" Big Tree frowned and asked.

"Well, I can't say... This winter witch, who knows where she is now!"

"I'd rather I have an idea." Dashu said, "You write to her, I can convey it."

"Good idea!" The impatient witch Qiu did it. She used twigs as pens and leaves as paper, and wrote brushily:

Old lady Dong, where are you? Come quickly to the dragon's claw tree by the small river, I want to hear you sing.

After the autumn witch finished writing, she waved her magic wand, and every leaf in the woods had her handwriting on it.

"Yellow letter paper is more eye-catching." The autumn witch cast another spell on the woods. Every tree in the woods shook its body and said "crash", golden leaves fluttered like butterflies in all directions.

Soon, Witch Winter saw Witch AutumnShe came flying from afar on a broom, and she didn't forget to practice singing while flying.

"My God!" The little animals who heard the singing ran away in fright, because Witch Winter's voice was as loud as drums and gongs, and the airflow from her throat was as loud as a drum. Blow people away.

"It's too noisy, too noisy!" The monkey ran into the mountain, the squirrel got into the hole, the frog "plopped" into the lake, and even the squirrels in the river Splash also closed the "glass door" and hid.

"It's better to sleep, it's better to sleep!" The small animals hid at home and hibernated.

Winter Witch came to the dragon's claw tree by the small river, looked around, and saw that there was a bare area everywhere, even the figure of Autumn Witch was gone.

The big tree told her: "Witch Qiu can't wait, she left first. She asked me to tell you, let's listen to your singing again in the coming year!"

Oh, when will the autumn witch and the winter witch meet...

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