Emperor Story: Who is the mother of King Qin Wu? Is she from Wei or Chu?

I have seen a drama before, it is quite popular, it is called "The Legend of Miyue", it tells the story of Miyue, the queen mother of Qin during the Warring States Period. In the play, Miyue is the daughter of the Chu royal family, but she has been living a bad life, and it can even be said that she is living as a boy. Miyue has an older sister, but their mother is not alone. Mishu's mother is the queen of the king of Chu, and Miyue's mother is just an ordinary and humble maidservant. Mi Shu and Mi Yue have a very good relationship, but since they married into the Qin Palace together, their sisterhood has faded, and Mi Shu and Mi Yue later became rivals and enemies.

Mi Shu gave birth to a son for King Qin, and this child was also King Wu Yingdang of Qin who later succeeded to the throne. Mi Yue gave birth to the son Ji, who became the king of Qin after King Wu of Qin as King Zhaoxiang of Qin.

In the TV series, Mi Shu is the biological mother of King Wu of Qin, but she is a daughter of the royal family of Chu, and so is Mi Yue. Mi Shu's mother is the queen of Chu State, and she has a lot of power in Chu State. This kind of power refers not only to the harem, but also to the court. When Mi Shu reached the marriageable age, the King of Chu hosted a banquet and invited noble men and kings of the right age from all over the world. Among these kings, one was about to become the son-in-law and consort of the mighty Chu State. Chu State is a big country among the Seven Kingdoms, with a very strong military capability, but it is said that the women of Chu State are gentle and quiet.

The king of Chu carefully selected the young talents. He naturally had a favorite son-in-law in his heart. He considered many factors. The strength of the country should not be too much lower than that of Chu, otherwise the princess would have to suffer when she arrived there. But it can't be too good, otherwise the princess will suffer too. King Chu never thought that when he was worried about his daughter's marriage, his daughter already had someone in his heart.

Emperor Story: Who is the mother of King Qin Wu? Is she from Wei or Chu?

Mi Shu is a kind girl. Even though her mother, Queen Chu, is a poisonous woman, Mi Shu still retains her kind nature. She is knowledgeable, gentle and virtuous. Must be a good wife. She and Mi Yue went to play outside the palace, and were suddenly attacked by a group of people. Both Mi Yue and Mi Shu showed themselves as men, but the people around King Qin still guessed her identity. King Qin is many years older than Mi Shu, but Mi Shu has always remembered King Qin's life-saving grace after being rescued by King Qin. The counselors of the King of Qin hope that the King of Qin will seize the opportunity to win the heart of the princess Mi Shu, and maybe he will become the son-in-law of the King of Chu, so that the Qin State and the Chu State can marry each other, and the Qin State will not be destroyed.

King of Qin met two princesses, Mi Yue and Mi Shu, in the state of Chu.After a lot of consideration and experimentation, Mi Shu married to the Qin country, and Mi Yue went with her. However, Mi Yue was only a dowry. Although she was also a woman of the King of Qin, her status was very different from Mi Shu. When they arrived in Qin State, Mi Shu and King Qin mingled in harmony, and soon gave birth to Prince Zhao Dang. However, King Qin fell in love with Mi Yue during his relationship with Mi Yue, so he loved Mi Yue very much. Coupled with the instigation of people around Mi Shu, Mi Shu gradually alienated Mi Yue. In order to win favor, Mi Shu later designed to frame Mi Yue. The friendship between the two sisters was broken like this, and from then on, Mi Shu regarded Mi Yue as her worst enemy.

The contest between Mishu and Miyue, from the battle in the harem, to the former court, and later because of the battle for the crown prince, it broke completely. Mi Shu's son Zhao Dang became the king of Qin, and Mi Yue's son was sent as a hostage. Unexpectedly, Feng Shui took turns, Mi Shu's son died so soon, and Mi Yue had a friend with great power in the court, so she could naturally replace Qin Wu Wang's Qin Wang.

But in history, King Wu of Qin's mother was from the state of Wei. Because she was from the state of Wei, she was called "Ms. Wei" after she came to the Qin Palace. After the death of King Wu of Qin, he had no heirs. If Queen Huiwen of Qin wanted to keep his position in Qin, he had to find a "person of his own" to take over his son's throne. She took a fancy to Gongzi Zhuang, the son of another concubine. She wanted to put him on the throne, but failed. The Empress Dowager Xuan made good friends with Wei Ran in the court, and Wei Ran held the real power of the Qin Dynasty. Whoever he supported would be the most likely to become the king of Qin. He didn't want his son Zhuang to succeed, but wanted his son Ji who was a hostage in Yan to succeed him. For this reason, he also got rid of King Zhao of Zhao and asked him to find a way to bring back the son of Qin. In this way, son Ji returned from the direction of Zhao to Qin to succeed him, and his mother, Mi Yue, became the queen mother. Since the son Ji was still young, the Queen Mother Xuan took control of the government.

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