Emperor Story: What is the relationship between Chen Baxian and Chen Shubao How to evaluate Chen Baxian as a good emperor

Talking about the Chen family in the Southern Dynasties, it seems that later generations know more about the Empress Chen and "The Flowers in the Backyard of the Yushu". People tend to ignore the general who desperately guarded the Liang Dynasty , Forget the once all-powerful founding king Chen Wudi. Chen Baxian was born in troubled times in his early years. Although he had gone through many battles, what he cleaned up was a country that was waiting to be rebuilt. However, this did not stop Chen Baxian from taking the mission of the old country and the new trend, and he continued to move forward.

Chen Baxian (503-559), courtesy name Xingguo, Xiaozi Fasheng, a native of Wuxing (now Changxing, Zhejiang Province) under the Great Wall, after Chen Shi, the chief of Han Taiqiu, was the founding emperor of the Chen Dynasty during the Southern and Northern Dynasties. Chen Baxian's background was not noble, he really climbed from the bottom to the top step by step. He was very miserable in his childhood. Chen Baxian's family was poor when he was a child, he was born in a humble family, and his family conditions were not good. When he was a little older, Chen Baxian went out to fish to subsidize his family, and studied in his spare time. He loved reading, especially military books. "Chen Shu" said Chen Baxian: "Reading military books, many martial arts", and "Southern History" even recorded him: "Dabbled in historical books, good at reading military books, Ming Weihou, solitude, and armor-shielding skills, many martial arts."

Chen Baxian, who was born in poverty, accomplished his whole life in Nanjing. Chen Baxian, who first arrived in Nanjing, was just a small official guarding the oil depot. After meeting Xiao Ying, a Bole, the situation turned for the better. Xiao Ying is the nephew of Emperor Wu of Liang. Chen Baxian worked under Xiao Ying and was appreciated and reused by Xiao Ying. After that, Xiao Ying went to Guangzhou to work, and under Xiao Ying's single hand, Chen Baxian rose to the top. In the winter of Liang Datong's tenth year (544), Xiao Ying died of illness in Guangzhou. In the second year, Emperor Wu of Liang issued an edict ordering Chen Baxian to be the Sima of Jiaozhou, and to suppress the rebellion of Li Bi in Guangzhou. Gradually came to prominence and fame. Putting down the "Hou Jing Rebellion" made him famous far and wide. In the middle of the 6th century A.D., Hou Jing, a general of the Eastern Wei Dynasty, rebelled against Liang. Emperor Wu of Liang was imprisoned by Hou Jing, and starved to death while he was seriously ill. The crown prince Xiao Gang was supported by Hou Jing as emperor, and at this time Chen Baxian had been transferred to Xiao Yi's subordinates. While Hou Jing coveted the country of the Liang Dynasty, he eliminated the power of the Xiao family in the Liang Dynasty. History chose Chen Baxian, who was ordered in a time of crisis and in a time of hopelessness. Therefore, Chen Baxian led his army to start his journey from Shixing.

After years of hard work, the "Hou Jing Rebellion" was gradually put down under the cooperation of Chen Baxian and general Wang Sengbian. Hou Jing's rebellion was successfully put down, and Chen Baxian became famous all over the world. Later, Xiao Yi was in JianglingProclaimed emperor, that is, Emperor Liang Yuan. The seemingly turbulent situation finally had a smooth turn. Good luck tricks people, although the Liang Dynasty has a new king on the throne, but the government is corrupt, and it is really powerless to recover. The Liang Dynasty was quickly targeted by the Western Wei Dynasty, and Emperor Liang Yuan was killed by the Western Wei people, and then Liang Jingdi Xiao Fangzhi came to the throne.

Emperor Story: What is the relationship between Chen Baxian and Chen Shubao How to evaluate Chen Baxian as a good emperor

Afterwards, Chen Baxian repelled the Northern Qi Dynasty, settled Xiao Bo in the South, defeated Wang Lin, quelled the internal strife and relieved external worries. Chen Baxian did almost everything an emperor should do. Xiao Fangzhi During his reign, "conquests come out of their own accord, and political punishments are not due to themselves." Chen Ba first proclaimed himself emperor, changed his Yuan to Yongding, and his country name was Chen, which was Emperor Wu of Chen. It was called Chen in the Southern Dynasty in history. On June 12th in the third year of Chen Yongding (559), Emperor Wu fell ill. Chen Baxian, who had experienced life and death, had never lost on the battlefield, but was defeated by illness. This disease will kill Chen Baxian. On June 21 of the same year, Chen Baxian died of illness. The posthumous title is Emperor Wu, the temple name is Gaozu, and he was buried in the suburbs of Nanjing.

So, what is the relationship between the all-powerful founding emperor Chen Wudi and Chen Shubao? Emperor Wu Chen Baxian, who abolished Liang in the Southern Dynasty in 557, established himself as the emperor. His country name was Chen. Emperor Wen, who came to the throne later, was the nephew of Emperor Wu. When he was in power, he set out to eradicate the local separatist forces. Reigned 7 years and died at the age of 45. Abandoned Emperor (Chen Bozong) AD 552-AD 570 (including two years in office) Abandoned Emperor was the eldest son of Emperor Wen, and was abolished after two years in office. Only 19 years old when he died.

Emperor Xuan (Chen Xu) from 528 AD to 582 AD (of which he reigned for 14 years) was the younger brother of Emperor Wen of Chen. Died in 582 at the age of 55. 5. Empress Lord (Chen Shubao) From 553 AD to 604 AD (reigned for 7 years) Empress Lord Chen Shubao was the eldest son of Emperor Xuan, and one of the five emperors of the Chen Dynasty who was famous for his absurdity and extravagance. In 588, Sui's 510,000 troops marched south, but the later master took it for granted because of the natural danger of the Yangtze River. In the first month of the following year, the Sui army invaded Jiankang separately. Empress Chen, Concubine Zhang and Concubine Kong escaped into the well and were captured. Chen died.

How should we evaluate such a king? It can be said that Chen Baxian was a great king and a rare hero in the Southern Dynasties. He grew from a village official to a general, and was added by the general's yellow robe, taking over a fragmented country. It can be said that although he and the Chen Dynasty he established were short-lived, they were very important. Chinese sages of all dynasties have fully affirmed Chen Baxian's historical status and achievements.

Wei Zheng, the Prime Minister of the Tang Dynasty, was once the chief editor of the five history books "Sui Shu", "Zhou Shu", "Northern Qi Shu", "Liang Shu" and "Chen Shu" , who is not only familiar with the history of the Chen Dynasty, but also has the vision of a politician and historian. He praised Chen Baxian's life of fighting for the interests of the Chinese nation, and believed that Chen Baxian served the old dynasty and made great achievements.

Tang Yao Silian, who once edited the two history books "Liang Shu" and "Chen Shu", affirmed Chen Baxian's excellent character, and used "wisdom to suspend things, martial arts to calm chaos, heroism to seek luck, and everyone "It's too late" to make a high evaluation. After that, many literati and scholars praised Chen Baxian's achievements.

Chen Baxian has indeed made indelible achievements in resisting the ravages of foreign enemies and protecting traditional Chinese culture. Although the conquest will bring disasters to one country, or even multiple countries, no one is perfect, even ordinary people make mistakes, and emperors are also ordinary people, why not forgive once?

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