Breakup medicine

At the end of a quiet street, Atsuko finally found the legendary Chinese medicine shop. The old wooden lattice windows are covered with yellowed traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions. Although many prescriptions have been illegible after being exposed to wind and sun, Atsuko quickly found the prescription of "love medicine".

Dunzi walked into the store quickly and asked the owner: "Excuse me, can you really make 'Admiration Elixir'?"

The owner of the store is an old man with a white beard. Putting down the medicine in his hand, he said slowly: "Oh, 'Admiration and Miracle Medicine' is no longer produced, because people often buy it and use it indiscriminately, causing a lot of trouble." The old man looked Dunzi carefully, and asked strangely: "Miss, why do you need this potion? You are young and beautiful, so you don't have to worry about not having a suitor."

"No, I don't need a 'love potion', I need something that can have the opposite effect Medicine." Atsuko sighed and told the old man his story. Ever since Atsuko entered the company where she works, she has been pestered by an annoying male colleague S, who is a middle-aged man with a stubborn personality and a narrow mind. Atsuko wanted to reject him flatly, but he was a despicable villain who did not hesitate to use any means to achieve his goals. Atsuko shuddered at the thought that he might be retaliated against. So, she inquired and came to this magical Chinese medicine shop for help.

After listening to what happened to Atsuko, the old man nodded and said: "Don't worry, girl. I will make a blind 'breakup medicine' for you. Its effect is completely opposite to the 'love medicine', to ensure your safety Get rid of this annoying ghost."

In the evening, Atsuko waited for S to attend the appointment at the bar. When pouring the "breakup medicine" into the whiskey bottle, Atsuko was so nervous that his hands were shaking. But as soon as she saw S's disgusting face, the guilt in her heart disappeared all of a sudden. S began to chatter as soon as he sat down, from gossip about his boss to gossip about his colleagues, he talked happily and non-stop.

Atsuko quietly pushed a glass of whiskey in front of S. The old man in the Chinese medicine shop told Dunzi that the "breakup medicine" will completely subvert people's values ??and aesthetics, making people lose interest in things they used to like and become interested in things they used to dismiss. Watching S drink up the first glass of whiskey, Atsuko thought excitedly: "Soon I will be a worthless woman in his eyes."

S seems to have no change . After speaking ill of his colleagues, he began to propose to Atsuko again. Dunzi sighed in his heart: "Hey, this layman doesn't know what ideals are at all." What a happy thing. Atsuko is immersed in her longing for love...

S drank whiskey one cup after another, talking non-stop to himself. Suddenly, his speech slowed down, and he said hesitantly:"Atsuko, maybe my decision was too hasty. I think I have to reconsider the matter of marrying you."

Atsuko was overjoyed: the "breakup medicine" worked!

S raised another glass of whiskey and drank it down. Putting down his glass, he said excitedly: "My God! What kind of life have I lived so far, just to live in this world in a wretched way. In order to increase my salary, I did not hesitate to cheat; in order to get a promotion, I did not hesitate to flatter horses. I What about my ideal? What about my dream? Since I was a child, I hope to be a scientist who benefits mankind. Today I understand that for my ideal, I should not be afraid of hardships and hardships, and I should not be afraid of overcoming obstacles. Well, let me start now , start my life again!"

Atsuko looked at S in front of him in surprise. He is a different person now than he was before. Now S is full of passion, with piercing eyes, and straightened his back, he looks mature, calm and charming, he is simply the dream lover that Atsuko has always yearned for.

S pushed away the bottle of whiskey that had already been drunk in front of him, he stood up suddenly, and said: "I have to leave. I will go to the company to resign tomorrow. From now on, I will work for the ideal in my heart. And struggle."

Breakup medicine

"Please take me with you!" As soon as the words came out, Atsuko was startled.

Mr. S turned his head and looked at Atsuko as if he were looking at an ugly woman. He held back the disgust in his heart and said decisively: "Atsuko, goodbye!"

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