Bedtime Story: Mouth and Ears

There is a little girl named Lingling. She has a sweet mouth. When she sees uncles, aunts, grandpas, and grandmas, she is very polite and calls out sweetly: " Uncle, aunt, grandpa, grandma." So when every adult saw Lingling, they stroked her head affectionately and said: "Lingling is so good, Lingling's little mouth is so sweet." Lingling was very happy to hear that. Because of being polite, that sweet mouth is praised more often.

After a period of time like this, Lingling's mouth has heard too many compliments, and she feels that she is very great, and she thinks: Lingling is always praised, it's not because of my mouth! Without me sweetly calling those uncles, aunts, grandpas, and grandmas, would she have received so much praise? snort! Thinking of its pride, it couldn't help talking to itself and boasting about itself, and hummed a song.

The two ear brothers couldn't listen anymore, so they said to the mouth: "Little mouth, Lingling is praised, not because of you alone, but because Lingling is a good and polite child. It’s just through you to express respect to uncles, aunts, grandpas, and grandmas.”

After listening to the two brothers’ words, Mouth asked loudly unhappily: “Aren’t you two jealous of me? Lingling's praise is due to me, otherwise why would I have a sweet mouth and not say that you two have sweet ears? You are narrow-minded, you have red eyes!" Mouth laughed and continued, "Look at the appearance of you two, with your ears open. I don’t know what’s the use of it, it’s so ugly, it’s like two ugly monsters, what information do you have to tell me!” Seeing how proud and unreasonable the mouth is, the two ear brothers sighed and thought to themselves: Mouth, wait Just wait and see! Whether we are useful or not, you will know when the time comes!

Summer is coming, Lingling goes swimming every day. One day, she accidentally poured water into her ears. Lingling was so anxious that she turned her head to the side, but she couldn't shake it out. Moreover, she felt that the surroundings were quiet and she couldn't hear anything. Lingling was so frightened that she cried and cried. Shouting loudly: "My ears! My ears! I can't hear anything!" Dad asked her, she couldn't hear, took her to see a doctor, she couldn't hear the doctor's question, because she couldn't hear, her mouth couldn't answer What, just kept crying. The doctor looked left and right at Lingling's ears, and used instruments to dig into Lingling's ears. After a while, Lingling's ears buzzed, and she could hear the surrounding sounds again. The doctor told Lingling some precautions about ear protection, and also told her the usefulness of ears. Lingling listened and nodded vigorously, promising to protect her ears in the future.

Because of this incident, Mouth no longer dares to underestimate the Ear brothers, it knows that without them, its mouth can't function at all. It also knew that it was wrong to laugh at the little ear before, and felt very ashamed, so it took the initiative to admit its mistake. Now they take pictures together and become good friends, Lingling smiles more, and her little mouth becomes sweeter.

Bedtime Story: Mouth and Ears

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